Research and innovation

Research and innovationPromoting sustainable mobility on multiple fronts, Fiat Group’s research and innovation activities are conducted through Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) and Elasis.


Following the demerger of activities from Fiat S.p.A., CRF remained within Fiat Group post Demerger. To guarantee continued support to Fiat Industrial, a number of researchers working on specific projects were transferred to Fiat Industrial and service agreements entered into in relation to the contribution to the research and development activities of individual sectors.


Elasis, whose design and development activities were already coordinated at sector level, recently transferred its technical activities to the sectors. It retains responsibility for management of the Pomigliano research facility, which will continue to host resources and laboratories allocated to the sectors.


Development activities are primarily carried out in collaboration with the sectors.


In 2010, expenditure on Research & Development1 totaled approximately €1.9 billion, equivalent to 3.5% of net revenues for the Group’s Industrial Activities. In total, R&D activities involve some 14,200 specialized personnel at 113 centers.

(1) Includes capitalized R&D expenditure and R&D charged directly to profit and loss for the year.

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