Human resources

Human resourcesAt 31 December 2010, the Group had 199,924 employees, an increase of 9,910 over the 190,014 figure at year-end 2009. The change was partially attributable to the positive difference between new hires (approx.23,400) and departures (approx. 18,400) recorded for the year, with the increase relating primarily to workers hired in Latin America as a result of the growth in demand. A net increase of around 4,900 employees was attributable to changes in the scope of operations for the Group, consisting of: insourcing of materials handling activities in Italy, full consolidation of Fiat-GM Powertrain Polska Sp. z.o.o. (following acquisition of the JV partner’s 50% interest) and start-up of operations for Fiat Automobiles Serbia Doo Kragujevac, partially offset by a decrease attributable to the disposal, in France, of the Angoulême site of Automotive Lighting Rear Lamps France S.A.S. (a subsidiary of Magneti Marelli) and the termination, in Italy, of the lease of operations at the Colonnella plant (Province of Teramo) by ITCA Produzione S.p.A. (FGA), in addition to the disposal and insourcing transactions completed by Comau’s Services business line in Brazil.

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